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Android Beats iPhone In US Subscriber Numbers [Smartphones]



The growth of Android is undeniable. Everywhere you look at CES, some company is announcing some type of Android something. Whether phone, tablet, hybrid or something else- Android is penetrating every end of the tech market. And more importantly, consumers are buying into it as well.

Moving from October 2010 to November 2010, Android overtook iPhone in total US Subscribers according to ComScore. Of the 61.5 million smartphone subscribers, 26% were Android and 25% were Apple in November. Meanwhile, 33% were still on telegram BlackBerry phones.

Think of what happened this holiday season and where this momentum of CES is taking Android… up, up, up , up, up… and above the competition. I think 2011 is going to be another amazingly fun and successful year for Android.



VIA | ComScore


Top 10 Wireless Predictions For 2011

NGworld atlas w1 Top 10 Wireless Predictions For 2011

Smartphones and wireless technology are changing the way we live and travel.

We’re keen on the iPhone and iPad and the increasing number of travel apps like the National Geographic World Atlas app.

UK-based Juniper Research has just released an interesting list of wireless predictions for 2011.

Last year, the company accurately predicted a surge in mobile data traffic, a consumer smartphone boom and strained 3G network.

Here are their Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2011:

  1. Surging mobile data traffic;
  2. Augmented reality to enhance mobile games and retail;
  3. Cloud-based operating systems are launched;
  4. Mobile banking will become a “must-have” when opening a new account;
  5. Mobile devices begin to replace credit cards;
  6. Mobile handsets become even more sensitive;
  7. Mobile lottery tickets sales to soar fueled by deployments in US, Europe, and China;
  8. Mobile-specific threats lead to demand for mobile-specific security;
  9. Buyouts take social purchasing to a new level and
  10. More vendors develop a “GreenHeart”.

Image courtesy of National Geographic

VIA | Traveling Green