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Countdown to Google I/O 2011 Begins

Google just opened up their official site for Google I/O 2011, the largest developer conference for those working with Android and Google’s other platforms. Registration has yet to open, but make sure you bookmark the site and follow @GoogleIO if you plan on attending. This show always sells out fast, so don’t delay when registration finally begins.

The site already has a sessions track which hints at some of the topics which will be discussed. Romain Guy will be discussing the highlights of Honeycomb, Eric Chu will cover the improvements to the Android Market, and Jason Bayer will teach us how to build Android apps for Google TV.

Early bird pricing will start at $450 and bumps up to $550 on April 17. Students will be able to register for $150 and this year’s BootCamp will cost you $100.

We attended Google I/O the last two years and it is by far my favorite Android-related event. I’ve already heard that this year’s event will be special and you don’t want to miss it, but we have no idea what surprises Google has up their sleeve yet.

From Google: Google I/O brings together thousands of developers for two days of deep technical content, focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.


Android Market Update Coming Soon

On Dec. 10th Android Developer Blog announced that Android Market engineering team has been working hard to improve the Android Market experience for users and the developers.

The Android Market engineering team has been hard at work on improving the Android Market experience for users and developers. Today, I’m pleased to announce a significant update to the Android Market client. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be rolling out a new Android Market client to all devices running Android 1.6 or higher.

This new Market client introduces important features that improve merchandising of applications, streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, and make it easier for developers to distribute their applications.

With a focus on improving discoverability and merchandising, we’ve introduced a new carousel on the home and category screens. Users can quickly flip through the carousel to view promoted applications and immediately go to the download page for the application they want. Developers have been very active in creating great Widgets and Live Wallpapers. To make it easier for users to find their favorites, we’re introducing two new categories for Widgets and Live Wallpapers. Applications that include Widgets and Wallpapers will be automatically added to those new categories. We’ll also be adding more categories for popular applications and games in the weeks ahead. In addition, the app details page now includes Related content, which makes it easier for users to quickly find apps of similar interest.

To streamline the browse-to-purchase experience, users can now access all the information about an application on a single page without the need to navigate across different tabs. We’re also introducing application content rating to provide users with more information about applications they are interested in. Since most users who request a refund do so within minutes of purchase, we will reduce the refund window on Market to 15 minutes. This change will be largely transparent to buyers, but will help developers manage their businesses more effectively.

To make it easier for developers to distribute and manage their products, we will introduce support for device targeting based on screen sizes and densities, as well as on GL texture compression formats. We are also increasing the maximum size for .apk files on Market to 50MB, to better support richer games.

With this release, we aimed to deliver features that are most requested by users and developers. However, we’re not done yet. We plan to continue to rapidly enhance Android Market for both users and developers and make it the best content distribution service for the Android ecosystem.

Please stay tuned as we continue to deliver new capabilities in the coming weeks and months.


Update: For those of you who want the new Market now, Android Police is hosting the .apk via multiupload. We suggest reading the post before diving in as there is some warnings about custom ROMs and the lack of testing, specifically those of you running CM.

Update: AndroidCentral did a quick walkthrough of the new Market and posted it to YouTube:


VIA | Android Developers Blog, AndroidPolice

Dolphin Browser HD Hits Android Market

VIA|Droid Life

Big In Japan Brings Back Snappr From The Grave

Big In Japan imageNow days its easier to compare prices with your smartphones by scanning the barcode. Barcode scanning applications are becoming very popular now days. Google, Apple, and Microsoft has been playing a vital roll in bringing this technology to its mobile devices. The combination of camera and software is one of the remarkable things that has happened to smartphone technology. Barcode scanning app helps you in scanning the barcode by getting the local prices around you. This technology is very recent so  not all products might searchable by scanning the product.

Godzilla AndroidBig In Japan, is one of the major players in barcode scanning apps amongst Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Big In Japan which has announced that they have acquired another former company in the same line of business — Snappr. This gets Big In Japan ahead of the game allowing them to utilize Snappr’s technology in their own apps ShopSavvy. San Francisco based, Snappr meanwhile, deadpooled in late 2009, but was an early player in 2D barcode scanning (particularly QR codes) with smartphones. Big In Japan is best known as the app production house behind ShopSavvy, the mobile shopping utility. It has long been one of the cooler apps on Android, and recently it became available for the iPhone too. With it, you can simply scan a barcode in a store and find out information about a product — most notably, if you can find it somewhere else for a cheaper price. Not only does ShopSavvy brings new and unique idea to branding campaign that  aims to place a QR code on advertisements, but also label it with a “Scan with ShopSavvy” logo next to the advertisement. This is a new groovy approach to branding campaigns.

shopsavvy-qrThe biggest problem with QR Codes is that American consumers don’t know what a 2D barcode is. They need some help understanding how to react to a QR Code printed on a billboard or in a magazine advertisement. Our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ program was designed to solve this problem. Millions of ShopSavvy users already use the application to scan 1D barcodes, but many of them have no idea that ShopSavvy will scan open standard 2D barcodes (i.e. QR Code), but they do understand the concept of scanning.Our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ program allows brands to leverage our ‘trained’ user base by including our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ badge anywhere they print a 2D barcode. Consumers can use ANY QR-capable scanner (50+ today), but the program attempts to short circuit the call to action by showing the user he can use an application he already has on his smartphone.

Snppr founder, Philip Stehlik, will join Big In Japan’s board of advisors. Snappr’s former website already redirects to a new Big In Japan holding page. The terms of the deal were not disclosed or mentioned at the time beign. There were no terms of deal displayed at the time of announcement but experts call it to be a cheap pick up of any technology by Big In Japan.

VIA | Big In Japan, TechCrunch, Phandroid

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Swype Beta For Android

Swype is now bringing its new method of text input for Android phones.  You have to sign up though.  Many will enter, few will win.  How does Swype work?  Check out the clip below.

VIA|Phone Scoop

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HootSuite For Android

Theres been so many twitter apps on the Android Market and you aren’t sure of which one to get. I’ve been using Twidroid for a while until I shifted to Seesmic. With Twidroid I was having delays in twitter updates and retrieving new twitts. Heres what you can pick up on- HootSuite. They just released a twitter app to the Android Market. You can either try out the HootSuite or you can just buy the full app for $1.99. In my case I would try it out first and then buy the app if I like it. I obviously cant try it since my Droid Eris runs on 1.5 OS. But worry not if you’re still running Android 1.5 OS because HootSuite is working on Android 1.5 version.

HootSuite is currently only available for devices with Android 1.6 and above, but a version for Android 1.5 is being worked on.

Highlights of the HootSuite features include:

  • Managing multiple identities and accounts
  • Creating custom views for tags and searches
  • Understanding reasons for trending topics
  • Scheduling messages for the future
  • Adding followers to lists and accounts
  • Sharing photos and shortening URLs
  • Plus HootSuite Android version includes a few new tricks including background notifications so messages keep on coming even when you’re browsing elsewhere.

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Who Has The Highest Percentage of Free Apps?

Would it surprise you if I were to say that Android Market has the highest percentage of free apps? We all love free apps. I believe its safe to say that majority of us own free apps than paid apps. I know I’m one of them. There are times where I prefer getting the premium apps- after all the developers have worked hard to earn that much in return.

According to Distimo, Android Market has the highest amount of free applications from the total amount of applications available in Android Market place. Taking the lead with 57% of applications being free, Android Market has the highest percentage of free applications of any app store. This has to be one of the reasons why we all love Android.

[VIA | ReadWriteWeb ]

Android Gets eBay Application

The most trusted auction site on the internet comes to Android Market. eBay an online auction and shopping website in which people and business buy and sell a broad variety of goods worldwide has a new app- Android app. eBay app finally comes to the Android Market. We all love getting rid of our old junk and getting new gadgets or whatever that is we like to get our hands on. Although its possible to brows eBay via phone’s browser, but its just not easy to use. A decent eBay application would make things much easier and user friendly.

Were there times where you really wanted to be on your computer trying to win over the last min auctions? The new eBay application for Android is exactly what eBay users have been looking for when it comes to paying, selling, watching, and searching items. Now you can always have eBay in your pocket and check the status of your last min bids or auctions. This eBay application is just like the fully functional online eBay version- check status updates, view and leave feedback, bid notifications on the go, and many more new options like voice commands. If you use eBay to buy and sell item like me I suggest you get your hands on this nifty eBay application and give it a try for yourself.

VIA: MobileCrunch