Seesmic Brings Better Twittering To Android

android-seesmicSeesmic now offers the Twitter client you’ve been waiting for! A powerful feature-rich application that’s simple and easy to use. Share photos with your choice of image service, post videos to YouTube, share links connected with your account, fully configure your notifications and view your Direct Messages in a simple threaded view.
If you’re a twittering Android user, you probably already have your preference  of Twitter applications on Android Market. But if you’re still looking for something better, you might want to check out Seesmic which recently landed on Android Market (and BlackBerry devices).The application features 4 tabs: Timeline, @Replies, Direct Messages, and Profile.


The people at CNET tested the application and seemed to like it for the most part, but they pointed out a few quirks. First of all, it only provides support for one user which SHOULD bode fine for the vast majority of users, but for folks who have a personal account and a blog or company account, it presents a problem. The keyboard not automatically popping up when you compose a message is also listed as an irritation – things I’m sure they’ll fix sooner rather than later.

Give Seesmic a shot and lets us know what you think of it.


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